This cartoon centered around the adventures of He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. He-Man is really Prince Adam of Eternia, and only a select few know of his secret alter-ego. Everyone else knows Adam and He-Man, but doesn’t know that they are one and the same. When Adam wants to become He-Man he takes out his Sword of Power, raises it over his head and says “For the Power of Grayskull! I have the Power!” Lightning flashes and Adam is transformed to He-Man. This rather flashy transformation causes some problems because it is difficult to hide unless there is rock or a tree to hide behind (I know, that shouldn’t hide lightning, but it somehow always does).

Adam is helped in his adventures by his tiger Cringer, who becomes Battle-Cat when Adam become He-Man. As Cringer, he is afraid of everything, but as Battle-Cat, he is fearless. Adam’s secret is know to the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull (who gave him the Power Sword), Man-At-Arms, and Orko. Man-At-Arms works in the palace and is both a great warrior and a great inventor. He is raising Teela, who is really the Sorceresses daughter, but Teela doesn’t know that. Teela is the head of the palace guards and a great warrior in her own right. Adam is in love with Teela, but she thinks he is lazy, so he doesn’t tell her. Teela is in love with He-Man. Orko is a flying magical creature from another planet. His magic doesn’t usually work so well, but he always means well.

He-Man’s arch-enemy is Skeletor. Skeletor has an army of evil henchmen working for him, most of whom are rather stupid. Each one has some special skill, power or strength. His right-hand person is Evil-Lyn, a sorceress. Skeletor knows that the magical power behind He-Man rests in Castle Grayskull, so he is always trying to take it over. He doesn’t know that Adam is He-Man. Some of his scemes are actually quite intelligent, but something always goes wrong. He has vowed to someday rule Eternia, and He-Man seems to be the most formitable block in his way.


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