Official Dangermouse Mugs

Official Dangermouse Mugs – Only £4.99 including Free Delivery!!!

I couldn’t believe the bargain price of these Retro, Licensed Dangermouse Mugs, They are made to last and are completley dishwasher proof.

Boxed in lovely packaging they would make great gifts. Each Quality mug features a large printed Dangermouse character on the outside of the mug as well as a smaller decal actually inside the mug.

Click an image below see more info and buy these mugs online..

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Danger Mouse Characters

Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse (Vocals – David Jason)
Despite being a mouse in a human sized world, DM is considered the to be the ‘World’s Greatest Secret Agent’. While a proper English, DM has quite a sense of humor. Something that is necessary with an assistant like Penfold.


Ernest O. Penfold (Vocals – Terry Scott)
A small, nervous hamster, Penfold is DM’s faithful and extremely cowardly assistant. He’s usually the first to spot trouble and the first to run from it. He seems to have a joke for just about every situation.


Colonel K
Colonel K. (Vocals – Edward Kelsey)
The somewhat absent minded head of the Agency. The Colonel never seems to be able to recall the whole phrase “over and out”. He usually forgets why he called the team as well.
Baron Silas Greenback (Vocals – Edward Kelsey)
This toad is Danger Mouse’s archenemy. A genius in his own right, he’s always just one step behind DM. He’s constantly trying to take over the world by the most unusual of means, some of which have been giant chickens and explosive cans of custard. Not to be invited to parties.


Nero (Vocals – David Jason)
Greenback’s fluffy pet caterpillar. Talks by making a series of chirps. Don’t let his cute looks fool you, Nero’s a devious little thing.


Stiletto (Vocals – Brian Trueman)
Greenback’s none to bright hench-crow. He’s not exactly the brightest crayon in the box yet is loyal to the Baron.

Danger Mouse

In late 1981, a small animation company in Manchester, England created a spy spoof cartoon about the adventures of a white mouse and his timid assistant. Within a few years that same show was airing world wide. It’s one of those odd shows that you either love or have never heard of. Since its airing in 1981 (1984 for the US) it has achieved an almost cult status with fans. Which cartoon might this be? What else but Danger Mouse.

Danger Mouse follows the adventures of a one eyed, white mouse, the sort of James Bond of the rodent world. With his cowardly yet faithful assistant Penfold, Danger Mouse would save the world from a variety of evils, the foremost being a large toad named Baron Silas Greenback. While a spy cartoon, Danger Mouse and Penfold saved the world not so much by using strength or intellect, but with humor. But then, when faced with evil plans that involve exploding cans of custard, giant chickens, and bad luck gems, a touch of humor is a must.

Danger Mouse – Tampering with Time Tickles Full Episode – Retro Cartoon, Intro, Titles

Danger Mouse- Tampering with Time Tickles Full Retro Cartoon, Intro, Titles

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