Dungeons & Dragons – Cartoon Intro

Dungeons & Dragons – Intro

Dungeons & Dragons – Intro


Dungeons and Dragons Intro

Dungeons and Dragons Intro

Dungeons and Dragons Intro

Dungeons and Dragons Charaters

Hank-the Ranger
Va:William Aames
 The leader and the eldest member of the gang. His weapon is a bow that throws energy arrows. By afar the wisest of the group(along with
Diana), he rarely acts without thinking, but constantly questions his own decisions.

Eric-the Cavalier
Va:Don Most
A buffoon type would suit him better than a cavalier. He is a spoiled, snobbish rich boy who tries at any cost to be the center of attentions, but his attitudes always put him – and his cohorts – in trouble. He is also a cowardly lot; no wonder that instead a weapon he has a magic shield for protection. However, when you less expect, he might surprise you.

Presto-the Mage
Va:Adam Rich
A clumsy and humble apprentice wizard. His unsureness manages to control his magic hat, from which you can extricate from a cow to a juggernaut. Along with Eric, he composes the comic relief in the gang.

Diana-the Acrobat
Va:Tonia Gail Smith
The only one of the group without emotional problems. A high-skilled gymnast, she loves practicing acrobatics with her weapon, a retractile staff. She is bright, cheerful and knows how to put Eric on his place.

Sheila-the Thief
Va:Katie Leigh
She’s not a real thief, tough her weapon, an invisibility cloak, is very useful to get objects(or people) from dangerous places. Sensible and with a tendency for depression, she is very protective of her little brother Bobby.

Bobby-the Barbarian
Va:Teddy Field III
Despite being the youngest member of the gang, he received the most powerful of the weapons: a club that crashes down trees and causes earthquakes. Hot-tempered, he’s overprotective of Sheila and Uni and poises as a tough guy because he fears to behave as the child he is.

Va:Frank Welker
A whining baby unicorn that was fleeing from the hungry Tiamat when she ran into Bobby, and was by him instantaneously adopted. Her horn gives her the power of teleporting, but due her extreme youth she can’t do it more than once by day. Asides Bobby, her favorite seems to be Presto.

Va:Sidney Miller
The kind and patient guide of the kids, and by far the most mysterious character of the serie. He is much more powerful than he appears, but he almost never helps his pupils directly. His confusing hints, however, always lead the kids to the right path.

Va:Peter Cullen
A former disciple of the Dungeonmaster that become evil. He wants to take over the Realm, but has his goal barred by Tiamat. Eventually, he’s always trying to slay the kids to steal their weapons, whose power he believes that’ll make him strong enough to defeat the dragon.

A terrible dragon with five heads and the only thing that Venger fears. It’s not clear how evil Tiamat really is; she whether pursues the kids or help them, but she actually doesn’t give a damn about anything besides eliminating Venger. The white head spits freezing blasts, the blue one lightnings, the green one poisonous gas, the black one acid and the big red one talks and spits fire.

Va:Bob Holton
An spy, he’s the most faithful and efficient of Venger’s servants.

Dungeons and Dragons


Based on the homonymous RPG, this animated show of the 80’s is still recorded by sighing fans, despite the fact it has remained unfinished (or maybe because of this, too).

On a sunny day, six youngsters are having fun in an amusement park until they decide to try a new toy, a mix of roller-coaster with ghost train called Dungeons and Dragons. Suddenly, the coaster vanishes away and Hank, Eric, Sheila, Diana, Presto and Bobby are transported to a world known as the Realm, where they bump down dressed as figures from RPG (mage, warrior, etc).

A few seconds later, one small unicorn runs into them with a hungry dragon (Tiamat) on her heels. The kids join her in the run, but they end up cornered in a cliff. When everything seems lost, the mysterious Dungeonmaster, who’s been watching the whole scene, gives them magic weapons, according to their RPG types. Thanks to him, the kids escape from the dragon, just to run into the evil wizard Venger. He sends them a blast that is barred by Eric’s shield and flies away. Then, the Dungeomaster presents himself to the kids as their guide in that world.

During the series, the kids walk through the less-than-hospitable lands of the Realm after a way back home, guided only by the Dungeonmaster’s puzzles. They never succeed om it, however. Usually Venger, who wants their weapons at any cost, destroys their hardly won ticket back home; when that doesn’t happen, the kids themselves are forced to sacrifice their new chance, in order to help the friends they made in the Realm. They never give up, however, and bravely proceed in their search without realizing that each misadventure they go through make them more mature and wiser (well, a little).