The Gummi Bears Theme – song lyrics

The Gummi Bears Themesong!

Dashing and daring 
Courageous and caring 
Faithful and friendly 
With stories to share 
All through the forest 
They sing out in chorus 
Marching along 
As their song fills the air 

Gummi Bears 
Bouncing here and there and everywhere 
High adventure that’s beyond compare 
They are the Gummi Bears 
Magic and mystery 
Are part of their history 
Along with the secret 
Of gummiberry juice 
Their legend is growing 
They take pride in knowing 
They’ll fight for what’s right 
In whatever they do 

CHORUS (Repeat first verse) CHORUS 

Gummi Bears 
When a friend’s in danger they’ll be there 
Lives and legends that we all can share 
They are the Gummi Bears 
They are the Gummi Bears 
They are the Gummi Bears!


Gummi Bears Characters

Cubbi Gummi
The youngest member of the family and the first to befriend Calvin
VA: Noelle North

Tummi Gummi
The group’s kindhearted glutton
VA: Lorenzo Music

Zummi Gummi
A magician
VA: Paul Winchell

Sunni Gummi
An energetic teenager
VA: Katie Leigh

Grammi Gummi
The official taste mistress of Gummi Berry juice and the mother figure in the family group
VA: June Foray

Gruffi Gummi
The group’s leader, with a little attitude and a personality that seems he’d rather just be left alone… most of the time.
VA: Bill Scott

Gusto Gummi
The newest addition to the Gummi family was found in a volcano trying to fight off a large bird. This talkative flighty guy is something of a Renaissance bear all into art and machines. He often butts heads with Gruffi and the two don’t get along very well. Nonetheless he is very nice. He is often seen with his loyal pet toucan, Artie
VA: Rob Paulson

He is a young page boy, who befriends the Gummis in the first episode. He comes from a long line of friendship with the Gummi Bears, since his grandfather first encountered them when he was a boy. This adventurous plucky lad is Cubbi’s best friend and like the little pink bear, he dreams of one day becoming a real knight.
VA: Calvin’s V.A. changed nearly every season! Christian Jacobs (1985) 
Brett Johnson (1986) David Faustino (1987) Jason Marsden (1989-1990) and finally, R.J. Williams (1990-1991)

Princess Calla
She is a vivacious, somewhat tomboyish princess who is Calvin’s friend. At first she didn’t know of the Gummi Bears’ existence until an accidental meeting with Sunni Gummi. Since then the two have been thick as thieves, becoming a duo like Calvin and Cubbi
VA: Noelle  North

King Gregor
King Gregor is the ruler of Dunwyn Castle and Calla’s father. He is a very wise brave king and a generous ruler. He does not believe in the Gummis and considers them stories.
V.A.: Michael Rye

Sir Tucksford
This knight is who Calvin is a page to and a sort of unofficial adopted father to the boy. He is somewhat bombastic and pompous at times, but he is nonetheless very nice. He too doesn’t believe in the Gummis
V.A.: Roger C. Carmel (1986), Brian Cummings (1987-1991)

Duke Igthorn
The Gummi Bears sworn enemy he is exiled from Dunwyn for trying to take it over. He longs to find the Gummi Bears so he can use their juice to become strong. He is very evil, but not that bright and not really that big a threat.
VA: Michael Rye

Toadwort, a.k.a. Toady
The head of the Ogres is also their polar opposite. He is short, instead of tall and able to speak in full sentances. He’s pretty smart for an ogre, but still loyal to Igthorn. On a couple of occasions, he has sided with the Gummis perhaps proving he may have a conscience after all.
VA: Bill Scott (1985-1986) Cory Burton (1986-1990)

Lady Bane
A sorceress who the Gummis encountered occasionally. She is very vain and self centered and often wants to preserve her looks. Occasionally, she teams up with Igthorn, who for some unknown reason is in love with her.
VA: Tress MacNeille

The Barbics
The Gummis of New Gumbrea. Led by Ursa, a female bear, They are a clan that the Gummis of Dunwyn encountered in the last season. They are a bit rougher and more barbaric at times, but they are a new family to the Gummis we know and love.

Gummi Bears Intro – Gummy Bears

Gummi Bears Intro – Gummy Bears