He-Man Characters

Prince Adam/He-Man. VA: John Erwin

He-Man is intelligent and compassionate along with his incredible power. He isn’t afraid to make a mistake, but usually he knows what to do. Prince Adam has the same strength of character, but he was usually lazy. He has a crush on Teela, but because he thinks she likes He-Man and not Adam, he keeps it a secret.

Cringer/Battle Cat. VA: Alan Oppenheimer

Cringer is Prince Adam’s pet tiger and friend. He is scared of everything and not that fond of becoming Battle Cat. When he is transformed, however, he is as brave and noble as He-Man himself.

Duncan/Man-At-Arms.VA: Alan Oppenheimer

Duncan is one of the few people who knows Adam’s secret. He is the palace inventor and works with the guards, his title is “Master of Arms”. He is also a good friend to the royal family. Duncan is raising Teela, his adopted daughter, single-handed (and doing a great job at it). He is a great help to He-Man.

Teela.VA: Linda Gary

Teela is Duncan’s daughter and Adam’s best friend since they were children. She is a beautiful, strong woman who can take care of herself but isn’t afraid to ask for help from her friends. She is the Royal Captain of the Guard. Teela’s greatest wish is to know who her mother was, but the Sorceress always keeps her from finding out.

Orko.VA: Lou Scheimer

Orko is a strange little sorcerer from the planet Trolla. He always wants to help, but his magic never seems to work the way it is supposed to. Nevertheless, he is privy to Adam’s secret and has a big heart.

The Sorceress/Zoar/Teelana.VA: Linda Gary

The Sorceress controls the power of Castle Grayskull. She guides He-Man and protects the power his sword uses. Her wisdom guides the heroes of Eternia. She is also Teela’s mother, but she keeps that a secret from Teela because she doesn’t feel that Teela’s ready yet to know.

King Randor.VA: Lou Scheimer

King Randor is Prince Adam’s father. He wishes that his son was less lazy, but overall his is a good father. He guides Eternia with wisdom and compassion and tries his best to protect his kingdom from Skeletor.

Queen Marlena (formerly Marlena Glenn).VA: Linda Gary

Marlena is a pilot from Earth whose space ship was stranded on Eternia one day. She longs for her former home, but she only wants to visit, Eternia has become her new home. She fell in love with Randor and married him. She is the queen of Eternia, but when she is needed she dusts off her piloting skills and joins the heroes. She is a lady, but she is also a warrior with a heart of gold.


Skeletor.VA: Alan Oppenheimer

Skeletor wants more than anything to rule Eternia. He knows that he has to gain control of Castle Grayskull, so that’s what most of his plots are trying to do. He has many henchmen, but he doesn’t treat any of them very well. Skeletor hates He-Man and wants him destroyed. He is evil, but every once in a while a soft side emerges.


Panthor is Skeletor’s vicious panther. He serves as Skeletor’s mount and serves as a parallel to Battle Cat (although he doesn’t have much of a personality like Battle Cat does).

Evil-Lyn.VA: Linda Gary

Evil-Lyn is the powerful sorceress of Snake Mountain. She makes many of Skeletor’s schemes possible, but he doesn’t give her any credit. If she got rid of Skeletor, Eternia would probably have far more to worry about.

Beastman.VA: John Erwin

Beastman is certainly not the brightest villain out there, but he is a pretty good henchman. He can’t think well for himself, but he follows Skeletor’s orders fairly well. He’s strong, but that’s about all he has going for him.

Other Characters:


Buzz-Off is one of He-Man’s allies.

Kobra Khan.VA: Lou Scheimer

Kobra Khan is one of the Snake Men and is one of Skeletor’s henchmen.


Man-E-Faces is an actor who helps He-Man sometimes. He can turn the face within his helmet-like head to other images so that he can appear to have many different faces.

Trap Jaw.VA: Lou Scheimer

Trap Jaw has a number of different tools that can be fitted into his shoulder like an arm. He has everything from a hammer to a blaster that he can attach to his right shoulder. He works as one of Skeletor’s henchmen.


Stratos is one of He-Man’s allies and he can fly.


Merman is one of Skeletor’s henchmen and he can swim and breathe under water like a fish.

Ram Man.

Ram man is one of He-Man’s allies and he butts his head against things really hard. He can open doors, punch through walls and knock things over with his head.


Modulok works for Skeletor. He is great at inventing and repairing technical equipment.


Tri-Klops works for Skeletor. He has three different eyes that he can use. Each one sees a different way. His “Gammavision” (triangular eye) sees through or around solid objects, his “Distavision” (circular eye) sees things far away, and his square eye is just normal vision.


Webstor.VA: John Erwin

Webstor is a spider-man who climbs walls. He works for Skeletor.




This cartoon centered around the adventures of He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. He-Man is really Prince Adam of Eternia, and only a select few know of his secret alter-ego. Everyone else knows Adam and He-Man, but doesn’t know that they are one and the same. When Adam wants to become He-Man he takes out his Sword of Power, raises it over his head and says “For the Power of Grayskull! I have the Power!” Lightning flashes and Adam is transformed to He-Man. This rather flashy transformation causes some problems because it is difficult to hide unless there is rock or a tree to hide behind (I know, that shouldn’t hide lightning, but it somehow always does).

Adam is helped in his adventures by his tiger Cringer, who becomes Battle-Cat when Adam become He-Man. As Cringer, he is afraid of everything, but as Battle-Cat, he is fearless. Adam’s secret is know to the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull (who gave him the Power Sword), Man-At-Arms, and Orko. Man-At-Arms works in the palace and is both a great warrior and a great inventor. He is raising Teela, who is really the Sorceresses daughter, but Teela doesn’t know that. Teela is the head of the palace guards and a great warrior in her own right. Adam is in love with Teela, but she thinks he is lazy, so he doesn’t tell her. Teela is in love with He-Man. Orko is a flying magical creature from another planet. His magic doesn’t usually work so well, but he always means well.

He-Man’s arch-enemy is Skeletor. Skeletor has an army of evil henchmen working for him, most of whom are rather stupid. Each one has some special skill, power or strength. His right-hand person is Evil-Lyn, a sorceress. Skeletor knows that the magical power behind He-Man rests in Castle Grayskull, so he is always trying to take it over. He doesn’t know that Adam is He-Man. Some of his scemes are actually quite intelligent, but something always goes wrong. He has vowed to someday rule Eternia, and He-Man seems to be the most formitable block in his way.

14 Life Lessons From He-Man

14 Life Lessons From He-Man

14 Life Lessons From He-Man

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He-Man BoHeman Rhapsody

He-Man BoHeman Rhapsody

He-Man BoHeman Rhapsody

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He Man And She-Ra I Have The Power Music Video

He Man And She-Ra I Have The Power Music Video

He Man And She-Ra I Have The Power Music Video

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He-man Artwork – Picture of HeMan


He-Man Podcast – Masters of the Universe

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