Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show theme

Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show theme

Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show theme


Snoopy Characters

Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown is a kid with bad luck, he try’s to think positive in life and doesn’t let other things get in his way. His best friend is Linus and he has a crush on the little red head girl, he’s not that great at baseball but he is manager of the baseball league. He has a little sister named Sally and try’s very hard to protect her and helps her whenever he can. He does some times need advice from one of friends named Lucy but she doesn’t always give him good advice, in fact it doesn’t help him at all. He’s not that great with sports, whether it being football or kites, he’s just not that good at it, he still try’s though despite that. He try’s to be a good friend/master to snoopy and a good friend to every one despite how they treat him.

Snoopy: An odd dog indeed, or so Charlie Brown thinks so any ways. He can do any thing including driving. He doesn’t always treat Charlie Brown with respect but he still loves him very much, he will do any thing to help his friends and is some times a bit of a pest to them too. His best friend is Wood Stalk, there two of a kind.

Linus Van Pelt: Linus is a smart young boy, he’s Charlie Brown’s best friend, they have a lot in common. Linus is a bit younger than Charlie Brown, but they still get along very well. He uses his blanket for comfort and never leaves it any where or try’s not to any ways. He will some times lend it to friends when they need it and will help his best friend Charlie Brown when he needs it. He has an older sister named Lucy and is scared to death of her. He try’s to stand up to her at time but never manages to succeed in it. He try’s to avoid Charlie Brown’s younger sister named Sally because of the fact that she has a crush on him.

Lucy Van Pelt: She’s bossy has a big attitude and has a crush on a boy who never seems to return the feelings to her. She’s very smart and has a younger brother named Linus which she likes to boss around, she also has another younger brother named Rerun who she treats very different for some reason. She likes to pull the foot ball away from Charlie Brown because she doesn’t want dirt on her dress or because she doesn’t want to be kicked in the leg by him. She try’s to help Charlie Brown with advice but its normally very poor advice despite what she thinks. She wants to be an only child but try’s to cop with her siblings at times.

Sally Brown: Is the younger sister of Charlie Brown, is kind of smart but acts very young. Has a crush on Linus, makes it very obvious that she does. She slightly looks up to her older brother. Thinks Santa is a live but not the Great Pumpkin King in the Santa Clause but not the Pumpkin King despite what Linus thinks since she waited for him once with Linus. If she doesn’t get what she wants at times she can get very angry.

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show began in September 17, 1983. It was once a beloved comic strip series (well, still is) but got turned into a show due to how popular the comic strip got. Charlie Brown and the gang was created by Charles M. Schulz. It’s about a boy named Charlie Brown who goes through unfortunate events with his dog Snoopy, who’s not very dog-like, which leads to problems for Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show. Opening, Titles & Intro, Retro Cartoon – Watch Here!

Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show. Opening