Sonic the Hedgehog “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Sonic and Friends Sing “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Sonic the Hedgehog Singing


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games tv ad

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games tv ad

Sonic the Hedgehog Opening Video

Sonic the Hedgehog Opening Video

Sonic the Hedgehog Opening Video

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Sega Commercial

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Sega Commercial

Every Sonic Game Ever Made…

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The History of Sonic The Hedgehog

This is a Video Showing how Sonic has Evolved over Time..

Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic Title Screen

At the time of its release, Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the fastest platformers that had yet been released. Sonic could run, jump and roll at significantly higher speeds than most platformers of the time. Unlike other platformers, the game’s levels were designed to encourage the player to progress quickly. Springs, slopes, high falls and loop-de-loops were all available to both boost and challenge the player to reach high speeds.

In the game, Sonic has to prevent Dr Ivo Robotnic from collecting six of the Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to rule South Island.

Green Hill Zone

The Green Hill Zone is the first zone in the entire Sonic series and is, arguably, the most famous. Hazards include crumbling platforms and spikes. The fastest Act 1 may be completed, taking the top route, getting the trainers at the beginning, and not being hit, is 27 seconds. At the end of Act 3, Dr. Robotnik appears with a wrecking ball that swings back and forth trying to hit Sonic, who must avoid it by standing on two platforms and jumping over it.

Greenhill Zone

The Marble Zone

A zone with ancient buildings made of marble and an underground with spiky. There is a lot of lava that can harm Sonic in this level. Certain bricks can be destroyed for points; sometimes up to 30,000 could be obtained, if the bricks are destroyed in sequence. At the end of Act 3, Dr. Robotnik attacks with an improvement to his craft that shoots fireballs on one of the two platforms Sonic can stand on, briefly setting it on fire.

Sonic Marble Zone


Spring Yard Zone

An urban level with many springs and bumpers, resembling a pinball machine. There are many secret areas in this zone. This zone’s design inspired many similar stages in future Sonic games. In the demo version, a Sonic robot is located at the end of Act 1 and is considered to be the very first Metal Sonic created. Act 2 has two Robotnik signs (ends) and as such, can be ended through two possible routes (one of the only two levels in Sonic history with more than one exit, the other being Collision Chaos Zone 2 in Sonic CD). At the end of Act 3, Dr. Robotnik attacks with a spike-equipped craft that slowly removes the blocks Sonic stands on.

Sonic Spring Yard Zone


Labyrinth Zone

Labyrinth Zone is a ruin-like maze partially submerged in water. It features many spikes and water-driven contraptions. The greatest hazard of this zone is not the enemies or the traps, but the water. Sonic, being a hedgehog, is terrible at swimming. After staying underwater for a limited amount of time (18 seconds, with warning bells after 5, 10, and 15 seconds) a countdown starts (5 breaths/about 12 seconds), at the end of which Sonic drowns and loses a life. This would lead the player to a great sense of panic at the sound of the countdown music. Collecting air bubbles found in certain points resets the counter and prevents Sonic from drowning.

Sonic Labrinth Zone

Star Light Zone
Star Light ZoneA zone set in a city at night, under the stars, and containing many loops. This stage contains many roller coaster-like sections in which Sonic is hurled along paths at great velocity; it is possibly the game’s strongest showcase of Sonic’s speed. This is the only stage to use the stair mechanic.

Sonic Starlight Zone


Scrap Brain Zone
Scrap Brain Zone Act 2A trap-filled industrial level with many dangerous machinery such as saws, flame vents, electric posts, trapdoors, disappearing and rotating platforms. This is yet another famous zone. At the end of Act 2, Robotnik appears behind a force field and pushes a button which makes the floor give way and sends Sonic into Act 3. This act is almost exactly the same textures and items in the Labyrinth Zone, but with changed colors and more hazards. The end has no encounter with Dr. Robotnik. Instead, Sonic springs up through a hole which leads directly to the Final Zone, where Sonic will meet Dr. Robotnik for the final showdown of the game.

 Sonic Scrap Brain Zone


Final Zone
The final fight with Dr. Robotnik takes place inside his private laboratory, and without a single ring to help, too. Robotnik will attack using special pods that can crush Sonic. Every time two out of four pods come down or come up; one decoy, and one with Robotnik in it. Sonic must attack pods with Robotnik in them a total of 8 times and at the same time avoid being crushed by the pods. This is made difficult by the pods coming down very fast and unexpectedly; there is also no way of knowing which pod Robotnik will be in. Between each pod movement spark balls come from the ceiling towards Sonic, who must dodge them. After clearing this level, Robotnik flees, during which Sonic has the option of hitting him one last time, and after which the player is treated to the end sequence and credits.

 Sonic Final Zone


Special Stages

When Sonic finishes with at least 50 rings in the first or second act of a zone he can jump through a big ring at the end, to enter one of the six Special Stages (This excludes the second act of the Scrap Brain Zone, due to the need to keep Sonic in the level for the force field sequence, and also the first act of the same zone, for unknown reasons.) Each Special Stage rotates 360 degrees and has Sonic tumbling through it and into blocks on which he cannot stand. Certain blocks, when touched, can make the maze rotate faster, slower, or in the opposite direction. There is a Chaos Emerald hiding in each Special Stage. Sonic is supposed to collect it without touching a “Goal” block, which will end the stage. If he collects 50 or more Rings in a Special Stage, he will earn a Continue. As is the case in the rest of the game, collecting 100 rings will get an extra life. If all six Chaos Emeralds are collected, a better ending sequence will be viewed.

Sonic Special Zone