Thundercats – I Wanna Rock!

I Wanna Rock!

Thundercats Parody – I Wanna Rock, I relly love that people spend time doing things like this 🙂 Enjoy…


Thundercats Fans – This is really special :)

There are some quality cartoons here – Remeber it was Retro Perspective that showed you the way to Thundera

Thundercats HD Cartoons

The ThunderCats series tells a good-versus-evil tale of mythic proportions, featuring an equal mix of high-technology and magic, hand-to-hand combat, and a central core of championed values. Its anthropomorphic heroes, the ThunderCats, are pitted against a rag-tag assortment of villains and a demonic wizard named Mumm-Ra on a planet known as Third Earth.


Thundercats First Intro

Thundercats First Intro

Thundercats Lyrics



Thundercats are on the move
Thundercats are loose…

Feel The Magic
Hear The Roar
Thundercats are loose…

Thunder…Thunder…Thunder…Thundercats… x4


Thunder Cats opening theme song – Cartoon Thumdercats Video