Video Games

The History of Video Games

(This is a full Documentry – You may want to make a brew first)

We are the children of the Video Game era…

Video games were born around the same time we were, they have grown and evolved with us, becoming more complex and intelligent over the years, If rock & roll was born in the sixties then games were born in the eighties.

So many of us have spent hours playing these games, rising to the challenge laid down by the developers and in many cases, becoming so skilled at these games, they should be given olympic recognition so we can show case our talents and define which nation truely is the best in each gaming catagory.

It would be a much better world if disputes could be solved on a digital battlefield and England would have a much better chance of winning International titles if football was played on a pixel pitch.

Here we pay homage to some of the Greatest Video Games ever made…


Mario Racoon      Super Mario 3 Logo     Mario Racoon

The Best Selling Video Game of All Time


Sonic Running     Sonic Logo     Sonic Running

History of Sonic The Hedgehog


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