Videogame personal ads – who would you date?

If you trawled through the personal ads in The Gaming Icon Times then you might see some interesting entries from some fairly recognisable characters.. Would you respond to any of these personal ads?




Colourful but rotund gentleman felling a little flat and looking for significant other, must be tolerant of pill addiction and crippling fear of ghosts. Would provide exciting trips around mazes and offers all the fruit you can eat. 



 Super Mario Personal ad

Super Mario

Diminutive plumber WLTM girl who doesn’t get kidnapped every week and who likes go karting and collecting stars. GSOH and tolerance of facial hair a must, and would prefer an Italian girl with plenty of mushroom recipes.


Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong

Hirsute gentleman seeking his own princess, often told that there is a resemblance to a major movie star, and is a barrel of laughs but does suffer from bouts of rage. Likes: bananas, bowling and dancing. Dislikes: Plumbers and ladders.






Space Invader

 Space Invader

Ship that passed in the night looking for a stable relationship. On a downward spiral and looking for a new path in life that doesn’t take me back into the firing line.



Lara Croft 

Lara Croft 

SWF seeking sharer of adventures. Archaeological background preferred with own fedora hat and bullwhip necessary. A former cover-girl and English heiress who can provide exotic adventures and hidden treasures for right man.

 Half Life

Gordon Freeman

MIT graduate seeking love. Any applicant must be a non-smoker and be capable of handling close encounters with alien life-forms. Own life-protecting robot not a must but would be preferred. Unerring aim and love of adventure a must.

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