Care Bears Lyrics – Theme Tune

I wanna be a Care Bear.  Oh It will be so great to when I’m a Care Bear
Oh I can hardly wait to be a Care Bear and do the things Care Bears do.
Oh I wanna be a Care Bear Like you!  You do?

I’ll be like Funshine and make the sunshine
And have heart like Love-a-Lot.
I’ll be like Wish Bear and always be there.
We’ll be the luckiest bears in Care-a-Lot.

I wanna be a Care Bear and fill the world with love
To be a Care Bear is what I’m dreaming of.
We’ll make a great pair.  We’ll stick together through and through Like glue.

I don’t wanna be a cook or a fireman and I don’t wanna play trombone in the marching band.
I just wanna be a care Bear Like you!  I just wanna be a Care Bear


Bananaman Lyrics

This is 29 Acacia Road.
And this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double-life.
For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs.
Eric is Bananaman, ever alert for the call to action.

Grace Kelly – Mr Men Tribute Music Video – Fantastic! Watch Here!

This is a fantastic take on the Mr Men with a pretty cool backing Track 🙂

Own a Share in Disney

 At this website your can buy a framed share in Disney..

You can be a real shareholder!

This is what you receive

  •  A shareholder introductory letter
  • A presentation certificate (with a space to write the shareholders name)
  • A shareholder registration sheet
  • Details on how to register the share in the shareholder’s name
  • An explanation of common shareholder rights and terms
  • A information sheet

Once the share is registered a genuine The Walt Disney Company share certificate displaying the shareholder’s name will be delivered. The shareholder will be entitled to shareholder rights and any perks relevant to one share. The shareholder will also receive important information directly from The Walt Disney Company including annual reports, invitations to meetings and a right to vote on issues affecting the company.

They also do them for..

Cadbury’s, Playboy, Sports Brands,Football Clubs plus others companies.

M&M’s Character Creator

Retrom&mM&M’s have a fantastic character creator, flash site, to play with. Its called, and its a nice quirky tool where you can design your own m&m character. I’ve include a screenshot below but its nice and easy to use so go have a play… just remember at the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the colour of everything. After your characters done, you can have them star in a few mini films and take cool photo’s of them with silly backdrops in the photo studio.